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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I absolutely love Christmas.We are counting down the days. This is a picture of our homemade Advent Calender, complements of ideas magazine.
The butterfly is a very special Christmas decoration on our tree. Mathews family has a special bond with the butterflies that appear around them...so this is just a little reminder on our tree.


My Little brother has graduated...He is off to "BIG" school. I cannot believe how he has grown.
He is bottom row, second from the left! I am proud of you Josh!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is for you

A book I have had for a while...love it of course, by the talented Rob Ryan. Love all his work! Want to go to London to his shop! For now I will have to keep an eye on his blog.

The Tale of the Whale

I have a serious attraction to children's books!I love all books! I love them! Since I was tiny I used to carry around a book bag everywhere with me...filled with books and books and books! I think my obsessions has just got progressively worse. I also love Christine Pym's illustrations...her work is beautiful!
Again sorry about vertical pictures...not sure how to correct that, still learning.


"Creating captivating Haiku with the roll of a dice"...another birthday presi!
A game of poetry...the aim of the game is to create poetry with the words you roll...the poetry has to be in specific syllables. This was from Exclusive Books Pavillion...but I have also seen them at the space.

Tumbling Russian Doll

This was one of my birthday presents too! A Tumbling Russian Doll...I love her! she plays a beautiful chime sound as she tumbles around. She was bought from The Space.

The Gift

This gorgeous book arrived in the post for me the other day....I was so excited, it was a belated birthday present!!! There truly is something divine about collecting a present from the post box!!
The Gift, by Rob Ryan.

These are some of the words that I have done for a couple of people.
They can be made to order...everyone wants something different.
Sorry about the Wish being vertical.

Monday, December 6, 2010

One of my favourites...The dove heart...Can either be used as a Christmas decoration, or it can be used all year round (if you are mad for hearts like me!)

Snowflake Christmas Decorations

These are two of my snowflake Christmas decorations! I just love Christmas! so I really loved designing these. These can also be ordered.