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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kamilya Kuspan

"You’ll probably recognise her from The Sartorialist. Or Stockholm Streetstyle. Or Facehunter. Or Vogue.com. That’s because Kamilya Kuspan is Street Style Royalty. Originally from Kazakhstan, but now living in Paris, Kamilya has completed her studies (MBA and History of Art) and is fast becoming one of the most photographed girls on the web. I caught up with her (isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?) and asked her a few questions about her personal style, fashion icons and that bag." Kate Desmarais

How would you describe your personal style?Describless. Can be bohemian, casual, chic, elegant, sporty, sweet, aggressive, hippy or just a mix of everything. My point is: not to be dominated by clothes but give them value on ME.

You’ve been described as “a muse”, who/what inspires you?Life in general. I am so curious about art, literature, different cultures, science, music etc. We can always find something really interesting and beautiful almost in everything/everyone, we just need to open our eyes and turn our head around.

Can you tell us the story behind the bag you are always photographed with?My parents’ gift. Croco bag from Thailand. It’s really functional and as I always have a difficulty to find a good bag I take this one, otherwise I prefer to use simple black fabric bag.

How does it feel when Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) approaches you and asks to take your picture?In my life I try to treat everybody the a same way, no matter who they are. Nice smile and polite manners are essential when people start to talk to me. And, sincerely, i didn’t recognise him the first time we met.

Is looking effortlessly cool really that effortless?That’s a secret! My style is usually described as effortless ’cause it is literally like that! I just put something on, then say “Mmm, maybe need some beige color today… Oh, cant find it! Ok, blue then.” Will take this bag ’cause I don’t want to replace all my affairs to another one… I don’t use make-up, don’t do my hair, so I get prepared reaaally fast, 7 minutes and I am outside. Still, of course, for the big events it’s more sophisticated. 

If you could interview one person (living or dead) about their personal style who would it be? Diana Vreeland and Audrey Hepburn.

This is a really cool interview with Kamilya Kuspan. Find it here! Awesome free and effortless style.

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